German Shepherd Training

Training your German Shepherd will be one of the most rewarding things you can do for you and your dog’s relationship. According to experts, the importance of training your German Shepherd cannot be emphasized enough.

Woman smiling with her german shepherd posing for a picture

The intent and the training that you administer, during these important and formative first few weeks of life, can affect your German Shepherds behavior into his adult years. Experiencing a negative start to his life, through traumatic encounters or negative reinforcement, will be considered one of the dog’s triggers later in life. This can lead to dangerous behaviors.



When Is The Best Time To Start Training?

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Max, a German Shepherd, sitting while in training

The very best time to begin training your German Shepherd puppy is as soon as he is introduced to his new home. Experts say that the most important age is between the first 6 to 14 weeks of life. This is such a CRUCIAL TIME for your dog. Bad experiences that happen during this time may stay with the dog forever. It can be very difficult to retrain this bad behavior.

Also, bad experiences, such as mean treatment or a dog fight, will affect the dog negatively as an adult dog. On the contrary, if  you spend time training your dog in a positive loving way that reinforces good behavior and habits, your dog can remain well behaved and loving for the rest of his life.


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Is Training More Than Sitting Up And Rolling Over?

A common misunderstanding with the advice to seek training for your German Shepherd, is that training is only used to teach your dog tricks. This may be why some owners don’t bother to seek professional guidance and advice on training their German Shepard.

A woman standing barefooted side-by-side with her german shepherd who is staring up at her during a training session


When committing to adopting a dog, emphasis must be put on learning about the breed and the importance of training. Buying a dog because it is a cute puppy is wonderful but, without proper training and consideration of the breed you are buying, these cute little puppies could wind up in the pound labeled as a bad dog.


Why Should I Train My Dog?

Some say, “My dog is so smart, I don’t need to train him”. This may be true with some breeds but not with German Shepherds. Their instincts are to be part of a pack. When this pack does not have a strong leader, or Alpha, the dog will take on the role of alpha dog.

Clicking here will redirect you to the Accelerated Dog Training Site titled Dog Owners Boot Camp

A male german shepherd under a tree


This is when trouble will start. As the alpha dog in the pack, the pack being your family or your close nucleus of friends and other dogs, he will now take on this aggressive role as leader. This will lead to protective and aggressive behavior and may lead to dangerous biting and dog fights.

Sadly, these special dogs are put down or sent to the pound because of this bad behavior, just because the owner fell short on training, not understanding the mentality of the breed and the necessary steps and commitment to training. Some say there are no bad dogs, only bad owners.



Is There A Wrong Way To Train?

With any training, there is an effective way and an ineffective way. The wrong way to train a German Shepherd is without understanding the breed and the instincts of the breed. Also, it can be very detrimental to the dog if trained with a belittling and aggressive hand.

In the first important weeks of life, from 6 weeks to 14 weeks, most experts believe that training should begin immediately. Trainers say that if a dog is mishandled, encounters a dog fight or is abused during this formative time, it will stay with the dog and cause bad reactions or triggers in him as an adult dog.


Where Can You Learn Effective Ways To Train A German Shepherd? 

Because of the unique behaviors and needs of German Shepherds, it is worth taking a look at different training programs that may offer you more than your local dog training classes. One system that has been very successful for dog owners all over the world is the Dog Owners Bootcamp.

This is an accelerated dog training program that can be beneficial for dogs of any age, and can help you to REGAIN CONTROL over your dog without putting undue stress on them. This program uses specific methods of training that do not require yelling, hitting, or any kind of abusive behavior, and is designed to get the QUICKEST results.

German Shepherds do have a reputation for unruly behavior, but more often than not, that is a direct result of lack of training. By taking charge early on in your dog’s life, you may be able to provide your animal with a much happier and healthier existence for years to come.