Close up view of a German Shepherd
Male German Shepherd looking directly into camera

The Importance of Consistency in Crate Training Your Dog

Highly trainable due to their innate intelligence, German shepherds are going to give you the idea that they are so smart, training is almost unnecessary. Resist the urge to believe that your pet has super intelligence and can learn anything on the first attempt. All dogs require consistency in training, particularly when it applies to crate training. Once you consider…

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Young German Shepherd lying down, looking away, 6 months old

Choosing the Perfect Dog Crates for Your German Shepherd Puppy

Now that you’ve made the decision to crate train your German shepherd puppy, you need to figure out which style of crate is going to make the best choice for your furry friend. Three basic options exist – hard plastic, wire, and canvas/mesh. Within each of these categories you’ll find a wide range of prices, sizes, and styles, enabling you…

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German Shepherd puppies, six weeks old

Preparing for a New Puppy

Just like a baby, a new puppy will require you and your family to prepare for the new life in your home. These preparations will merit changes, but each change is designed to help your new pet cope with its new surroundings and will make sure that it becomes a well-adjusted member of your family. The Basics Before the big…

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Three German Shepherds at the park

Does the Sex of Your Puppy Matter When Crate Training?

Are you interested in getting a German shepherd puppy, but you haven’t made up your mind yet as to which sex you want? Perhaps you are wondering if the sex of your German shepherd puppy actually matters when you begin the task of crate training. Maybe you think that males are more difficult to train or females are simply more…

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