Obedience Training For German Shepherds

A muzzled german shepherd sitting next to his owner while going through obedience training


With any new puppy, training is very important for the puppy, as well as the owner. It can establish a happy coexistence between the two, lasting throughout the years.

Experts say that training with any type dog should start at about 4-10 weeks old. This is also true and very important with training a German Shepherd puppy. Although the attention span of a small puppy it very limited, it is still a good idea to begin training in small incremental sessions and develop the habit of doing so early on.



Should You Take An Obedience Training Class?

It is always recommended by experts and veterinarians that puppies and their owners go through some type of obedience class. An obedience training class is as beneficial for the owner as it is for the dog. With this training, the owner knows what to expect from the dog, especially if this is a first time dog owner. The dog will also understand what pleases the owner.


Muzzled german shepherd walking forward on a beam during an obedience training session with dog trainer


This is never truer than with an obedience class for a German Shepherd. By nature, German Shepherds are very intelligent and have much energy as adults. A puppy will have even more energy to expend. As a German Shepherd owner, it is most important to help the dog learn correct and constructive ways to expend their energy.

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What Types Of Skills Can Be Taught?

When thinking of obedience classes, many may think of it as a chance to teach a dog how to sit, beg, and rollover. Some may even say that they can teach their dog all of these things without attending an obedience class.

Cartoon stick Man with reluctant dogHowever, the type of skills to be taught are much more than just tricks. Furthermore, it is just as important to teach the dog owner how to handle the dog, as much as it is for the dog to respond on command.

One of the most important reasons to take obedience training is to socialize your dog. Exposing the new dog to other dogs and strangers will help ease the dog’s aggression to protect the owner against strange dogs and people.

German Shepherd jumping over wooden fence while obedience training


Another benefit of obedience training is time spent exercising the dog’s problem solving abilities through the use of obstacle courses. This aides in the dog’s willingness and capability of pleasing the owner, as well as using up the extra energy that these dogs are known for.

This extra energy, combined with high intelligence, makes channeling these natural instincts very important. Teaching the German Shepherd to productively use their innate behaviors is so vital for a good relationship with the owner and those that come into contact with this breed of dog.



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A young cute german shepherd puppy staring at you

When Should You Start Obedience Training?

Most expert dog trainers and veterinarians recommend starting obedience training around 10 weeks of age, or just after weaning has stopped. Although a small puppy of this age will have minimal attention, it is still suggested to begin at an early age. Just the act of expecting a dog to listen, to sit, or any other basic command is good practice for both owner and dog.



Is It Too Late To Start Training Your Dog?

Although it is recommended to begin early with a dog, it is still possible to work with and teach an older dog. Since this breed of dog is very willing to please, knowing the correct commands and using patience with reasonable expectations on the owner’s part, will most always be beneficial. If the dog has behavioral problems as an older dog, getting the proper training to learn about triggers and the nature of this breed will be beneficial at any age.


Where Can You Learn More About Obedience Training?

Since obedience training is something that should essentially be taught to any dog, it is worth putting in the research to find the right kind of program. Although you may have access to local dog training programs in your area, these can be expensive and of course they do not come with any kind of guarantee.

The Dog Training Masters Home Study Course provides a unique approach to obedience training and also provides you with the additional freedom to train WHEN AND WHERE YOU HAVE TIME. Many dogs will be more susceptible to behavioral changes when they are trained in a one-on-one situation rather than a group setting.

Whether the problems that you are having with your dog are relatively minor, or they are major behavioral problems, this kind of obedience training that is done at home can be very successful. This program has been shown to be effective for puppies and older dogs are like, including those with some of the more serious behavioral issues.

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